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Sure, we’ve got free business books for every type of professional development. But we left out the overwhelm. Filter the best free business ebooks, read our juicy summaries, and attract engaged readers for your own content. It's all here on nonfik. Are you?

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We're currently focusing on free ebooks and whitepapers written for professional development. If you have a book you'd like summarized or reviewed, submit it here.

the future of long-form content distribution is here

the future of long-form content distribution is here

free professional power-ups

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Are you a content marketer in the SaaS space? We'll handle the distribution of your ebooks so you can focus on doing what you do best—creating content.

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The problems we need to solve are getting more complicated, while the content pandering to search engines is getting less actionable. It's time to stop searching and start finding expert advice on the topics you care about.

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