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Why grab one book when you can grab a stack? Yes, we know that more isn't always better (unless we're talking caffeine, amirite?), but getting advice from just one industry expert is so last century. Strike the perfect balance between time spent and angles covered with these 5-to-9-ebook collections so you can ace (or quit!) that 9-to-5.



Everything you need to create diversity & inclusion training materials for the modern workplace

It’s hard enough just implementing workplace DEI strategies, let alone making your own. Create an effective plan using the web's best books on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Marketing | Content & SEO

Get to know tech SEO with 8 must-read technical SEO ebooks (beginner to advanced)

Free SEO guides all have a technical focus to help you woo Google from the code up — even if tinkering with website code isn't your forte.

people & management

6 of the best free books for building better teamwork

Need to brush up on your own skills? Passively-aggressively share with the office? Whatever the case, these free guides on teamwork will help you work better both in and as a team.

productivity for creatives

Make inspiration a habit with these 7 free workbooks for struggling creators

7 free ebooks on creativity that will get you out of your head and back onto the page (whether that's a sketchbook or spreadsheet).

Sales | management & pipeline

My pipeline is empty and I need more leads

Free ebooks to guide you through content creation that works and website experiences that convert, whether you're new to the game or working on your 101st campaign.

people | hiring & recruiting

Free books for recruiters (or hiring managers!) in 2022

What’s a recruiter in 2022 gotta do to get some new talent around here? Try reading these free resources to help you gain your footing in the new era of recruiting. PSA: It's not all about the Great Resignation.

marketing | product-led growth

The everyman guide to PLG: 8 free product-led growth books

Product-led growth companies are customer-led growth companies. That means there’s likely room to adopt the lessons of product-led growth (whether you’re building an app, a platform, a service, or some other product).

nonfik frequently asked questions

What's a nonfik?

nonfik is a cross-industry freebie library for professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Our curated ebooks are written and shared by experts and made better for everyone with public, collaborative notes and feedback. 

If you'd like to learn more about what we're trying to build you can check out our public roadmap or learn more about why we're building this.

What is the nonfik bookmark score?

Bookmarks are our stand in for stars. We score every free ebook on a scale of zero to five bookmarks. 

Unlike most other star rating systems, we don't arbitrarily skew up. Free ebooks with five bookmarks are rare and three bookmarks is a decent, respectable score.

When assigning a free ebook an overall bookmark score, we look at the three breakdown scores (value, readability, actionability), as well as a few other factors. Value tells you whether an ebook's worth the time it takes to read it. Readability is an assessment of how easy it is to navigate and skim. And, at the risk of sounding obvious, actionability is how practical a book’s advice is (we especially love how-tos and fill-in-the-blank worksheets).

What’s in the nonfik library?

Free resources for professional development: ebooks, how-to guides, and playbooks on leadership and productivity, sales and marketing, product and project management.

How do I submit an ebook?

Please use this form.

How do you make money?

Currently, nonfik is 100% free to use for both readers and authors. We want to see if we can add value with this app and community before worrying about monetization.

I see my book here!

Hey, we love what you’ve made! As we said, we aren’t making any profit off your work — just sharing it with our readers and a wider audience. We’re always looking for new authors and publishers to strike up a formal partnership with. Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more or would like your book removed from nonfik.

Who's behind nonfik?

Learn more about the people and ideology behind nonfik on our manifesto page.

Why is some stuff lowercase that shouldn't be?

Our lead designer doesn't like the look of some uppercase letters. Form doesn't always follow function, ya know.


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