the best (free!) recruitment books to read on remote hiring in 2022

what’s a recruiter in 2022 gotta do to get some new talent around here?

Between The Great Resignation and employment rate misdirects, a dearth of applicants and more options than ever for candidates, it’s hard to tell if we’re in an employer’s job market or the employees’.

What you need are the right recruitment resources to face this new era of hiring. We’ve gathered some of the best books for recruiters and hiring managers to help you gain your footing in these less-than-ordinary times.

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the key to remote recruiting by gatherly

Best ebook to inspire and plan your virtual recruitment event ideas

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Attract & engage remote talent
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29 pages

Virtual hiring events done right aren’t easy.  It’s tricky new territory for many hiring managers and talent coordinators. But don’t let a lack of familiarity stop you from putting on a virtual event that delivers.

This recruitment book combines TalentCulture’s HR expertise with Gatherly’s remote event know-how — equipping you with everything you’ll need to start planning an innovative recruiting strategy for 2022. Because a recruitment process that resonates will win over top talent, whether it’s in person or conducted remotely.

Find answers to remote hiring questions like:

  • Why does candidate experience matter so much for remote prospects?
  • What’s the cost, in lost talent, of remote recruiting that falls flat?
  • How can you design and host a better virtual hiring event?
  • What’s an example of an effective remote event? What does it actually look like?

Featuring case studies from General Electric and UCLA’s School of Engineering, this eBook for recruiters will help you explore what it takes to attract and engages remote candidates.

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the key to remote recruiting: your guide to creating engaging virtual experiences that attract top talent cover

The New Era of Recruitment by Pierpoint

Best recruiting book to work virtual talent acquisition into your hiring goals

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Modernize recruitment processes
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39 pages

In the grand scheme of things, virtual hiring is still in its infancy. This book is for any hiring manager who has asked, "How can our virtual recruitment be improved?"

The answer: approach it with a combination of traditional recruitment best practices and remote-focused advancements. Virtual recruiting doesn't only equal Zoom calls, ATS, and collaboration software. It offers new opportunities for better hiring:

  • Cast wider nets and create access for more candidates
  • Use technology to confront biases and improve your diversity and inclusion
  • Attract talent with the benefits of virtual recruitment, like increased freedoms for team members, new avenues for networking, and more transparency overall (in the best cases)

Of course, no virtual recruiting ideas succeed through wishful thinking. Review the implementation of these strategies and discover next steps when you dive into this recruitment book.

into the future
The New Era of Recruitment by Pierpoint cover

15 Recruitment Strategies to Attract Remote Workers by Rally Recruitment Marketing

Specific and actionable strategies to market your online recruiting, courtesy of real-world companies

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Find inspiration
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16 pages

Is there a talent shortage, or is your brand simply not attractive to today's candidates? Well, talent is in shorter supply and higher demand these days. But why can't both problems be true?

This recruitment book is a roundup of strategies that have really worked. So on one front at least, your troubles might be over.

Learn why you should appeal to the modern candidate with the option for remote work and virtual jobs, or relocation opportunities. Once these options are in place at your organization, it'll be necessary to seed the market with news of your new value proposition.

  1. Adequately prepare for this new category of the workforce and understand what you can now offer them
  2. Use clear and transparent job listings meant to inspire and attract, not muddle the message and bamboozle prospects
  3. Create content that shows new talent that even as a remote team member, they'll factor into your culture in large part — not as an afterthought

Then see how the best have successfully handled this hiring transition, from software companies like Atlassian and Trello to more consumer-facing products like and Dell.

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15 Recruitment Strategies to Attract Remote Workers by Rally Recruitment Marketing cover

The Rise of Remote Interviewing by ZipRecruiter

A beginner’s guide to handling remote interviews

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Intro to video interviews
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11 pages

Your quickstart guide for the first step in any virtual recruitment process: the remote interview.

Video calls have become such a staple of the office landscape, it can be easy to forget not everyone has had the chance to get comfortable with them. You can set both yourself and your candidates up for success with a reliable game plan for. This is a quick but succinct read that breaks remote interviewing into three simple phases:

  1. How you prepare for the meeting
  2. How you engage your virtual interviewees
  3. How you move forward

If you've yet to conduct your first video interview, try this book. Otherwise, you probably won't find much in this one for you.

*zoom call noise*
The Rise of Remote Interviewing by ZipRecruiter cover

5 Updated Foundations of Talent Relationship
by Lever

A talent management book that teaches you how to build relationships with your remote candidates

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Engage new talent
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18 pages

Stop tracking your applicants and start managing your talent with this remote recruitment book aimed at engagement and activation. In today's hiring landscape, you'll find it's more important than ever to build a brand that really connects with candidates.

Lever outlines five simple steps to help your organization make a great impression:

  1. Prioritizing long-term relationships and candidate loyalty
  2. Adding real personality to your online recruiting footprint
  3. Embracing transparency
  4. Embracing personalization
  5. And always keep your eye on the bigger picture

Although this one is a quick read, each section is accompanied by actionable tips and backed by real-world data. You'll be prepared to apply what you've learned in no time flat.

update your relationships
5 Updated Foundations of Talent Relationship Management by Lever

Digital Transformation Guide for High Volume Hiring by Fountain

The best digital transformation guide for re-focusing company culture around remote work

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Integrate virtual hires
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19 pages

Hiring a one-off remote employee is a vastly different experience from virtual recruitment at scale. When you make a switch to fully remote hiring, it truly does require an organization-wide digital transformation. A shift in both thinking and approach.

This recruitment ebook touches on the whole remote employee experience: from sourcing and onboarding talent, to continued recognition for offsite team members, to the implementation of "microlearning" at each step of the way.

But not only will you learn to rework your remote recruitment from top to bottom. Fountain recommends the tools and best practices to facillitate it all — let it meet you where you're at. If you've already adapted parts of your hiring process to accommodate remote recruits, you can use these tools to start optimizing today.

scale like a champ
Digital Transformation Guide for High Volume Hiring by Fountain cover

Hiring Remote Teams and How Not to Screw it Up by Bee Talents

A well-balanced remote hiring guide to explore every angle

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Evaluate remote readiness
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33 pages

If you're one to organize your thoughts into columns of pros and cons, you'll be right at home in the pages of this ebook.

There's no surefire way to avoid screwing up something new. As you move toward remote hiring strategies, or even consider a completely distributed workforce, the only thing you can do is put your best recruiting foot forward. This book will help.

It moves through "the basics" of a remote team, team building and collaboration, performance management, and the question of compensation. For each aspect of the hiring, onboarding, and continued success of your remote recruits, Bee Talents has laid out the benefits and challenges.

  • Is virtual recruitment and remote work cheaper overall? Actually more costly? 
  • Better, worse, just different? 
  • What concerns can make the process go nuclear if they aren't addressed?

Find your answers here.

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Hiring Remote Teams and How Not to Screw it Up by Bee Talents cover

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