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reading a free guide doesn't need to be lonely

Nonfik is for anyone who's ever spent hours clicking through search results or waiting for a response from their network. It's for anyone who's ever felt cheated by an ebook landing page. It's time to stop wondering if gated content is worth your email address and starting reading content that's valuable.

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give me freebies that teach me stuff and add value, not a collection of platitudes that someone strung together to get my email

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~ Strategy Head at Content Creation Agency

A better way to find business content

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free guides promise solutions to real business problems, but they often fall short

That's because no one holds content creators accountable for the guides they create. There's no central hub where readers can see which freebies are highly rated and which ones are worth their time. Nonfik is here to change that.

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content that's vetted by experts and peers

Reviews of everything from books to software to employers help us decide what's worth our time. So why no reviews of the free guides vying for our attention?

At nonfik, expert and peer reviews help bring the most valuable content to the top so you can spend more time taking action and less time vetting content.

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Whether it's giving authors input on what to write next or joining a mimosa book discussion with others in your industry, the nonfik bookclub is here to create a culture where people DO read.

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do you have a booksmosis problem?

We’ve all done it—downloaded free content, hoping we'd get insights without reading. Like osmosis.

That kind of AI isn't on our roadmap (yet), but we are summarizing the internet’s best free business content into digestible book reports (by request only).

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We're currently focusing on ebooks and whitepapers written for or by tech professionals. If you have a book you'd like summarized or reviewed, submit it here.

Have another question or want to get involved? Send a note to We love reading!

What is Nonfik?

Nonfik is a double-sided content marketplace with reviews, expert book summaries and a growing community of professionals.

It's a place where publishers can get visibility on their free marketing content (ebooks and guides) and readers can get free access to vetted content, as well as a community where they can discuss what they've learned with peers.

This version of Nonfik is still a low-tech MVP. If you'd like to learn more about what we're trying to build you can check out our public roadmap or learn more about why we're building this

What will you do with my email address?

If you signed up as an early adopter of community features, we will ONLY email you regarding the community. Community initiatives are reviewing a book, submitting a request to join the Slack book club, or signing up to be a beta tester. As we grow the platform, we may occasionally invite you to sign up for things like reading recommendations and events, but we no email blasting.

If you downloaded an ebook or abstract, we may share your information with ONLY the author of that ebook. These ebooks have been designed as lead magnets, and the authors may request their leads' emails (a.k.a. your email). That just means you've shown interest and they would like to reach out to you. We do our best to only work with companies that respect their email lists as much as we do.

What is the Nonfik Bookclub?

The Nonfik Bookclub is our private Slack community. It's a place for professionals to discuss books, get reading recommendations, and talk about implementing what they've learned. We also occasionally host breakout group events to discuss specific books. If this sounds like your jam, request an invite.

How do you make sure community reviews are fair and professional?

We read every review before posting it to make sure it's professional and adds value.

We also link every review to the reviewer's LinkedIn profile so reviewers are held accountable. This also helps us screen out reviews from employees and representatives of companies.

How do you make money?

Currently, Nonfik is 100% free. We want to see if we can add value with this app and community before worrying about monetization. Just call us a couple of starry-eyed builders.

Who's behind Nonfik?

Learn more about the people and ideology behind Nonfik on our manifesto page.

I really want X feature. How do I get you to build that?

We love feature requests! You can vote for features we already have slated or request new ones on our public roadmap.

Are you hiring?

Standard startup answer: yes and no. Nonfik is currently bootstrapped, but we're always looking to work with more talented people so don't hesitate to reach out if you want to be a part of changing the way content is consumed.

How do I submit an ebook for summary and review?

Please use this form.