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she's stolen our book, but don't worry, we'll get it backdid you just bait and switch me? →

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our ebook took way longer to write than we thought it would

Why isn’t radical honesty a bigger part of content marketing? Why does it feel like every freebie landing page is a bait-and-switch to get your contact information?
Because content marketers are tired of slaving away on free guides only to have them drown in the noise of the internet?
We know we are.
It’s why we created nonfik: a different kind of freebie library.
A freebie library where the best ebooks rise to the top thanks to expert and user reviews. One where guides that encourage engagement trump those written for uninspired lead gen.
One where we're free to take the time to create content that'll be most valuable for readers, even if it does mean pushing our ebook launch to June 1.
Don't want to wait for your next great read?
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When your persona's a mess—or your pipeline is empty—and now all your customers are churning. You need a fast fix.

Fear not! We read every free guide we could find and compiled all the juicy learnings into this tool. Enter your most infuriating business problem below, and this handy-dandy generator will zap a solution straight into your inbox.

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