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Success isn’t magic. It’s method. This method.

Getting someone emotionally invested is easier than you may think. Learn how to harness the human behavior-based growth tactics formerly reserved for super spies and top startups. Apply the learnings with our Notion templates to start and scale something of your very own.

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Translated from the tech speak in 100+ ebooks

“But my website isn’t done yet!”

Yeah…we know.

Between us, we've launched and grown two businesses (and are working on a third).

Like you, we’re always aiming for the 100%: every pixel in place, every em dash obsessed over, every line of code meticulously optimized.

But we’ve learned a few things reading hundreds of free guides written by industry experts (thank you v1 of nonfik, the free ebook marketplace).

For example, running a successful business is a lot like trying to track a super spy around the world: if you wait for the perfect coordinates, she’ll have moved on. Better to get within the general area, show up, and scope out the situation from there.

Translation: You don’t need a website that’s “done”. Launch it at 80%, test it with customers, and adjust course as needed

Speaking of things that don’t need to be at 100%...

You need customers, not a full marketing funnel (at least for right now)

It doesn’t take much to start a business.

It’s not easy, but it doesn’t take much.

You just need to find one customer. Connect with them. Understand them. Figure out what their goals and fears are.

Before you know it, you’re taking action in service of that customer and changing course based on their feedback.

And then doing that for another customer. And another. And another. And pretty soon you have more customers than you can handle.

It just takes one. Start by figuring out what problem you want to solve and for who.

Everyone acts like this approach is some big secret, but it’s really not

Look, we’ve all got problems. We all like to solve problems. And we’ve all got enough empathy to help others solve some problems too. It’s really that simple.

Some “gurus” out there may try to convince you otherwise. But really, they’re just peddling the same 10-week-make-a-billion-dollars playbooks to thousands of people. Playbooks that haven’t even worked for years.

It’s 2022. You’re in charge of your own density.

And we fully believe you have what it takes to make something great. With just a little help from what we’re calling super-spy designer-thinking theory.

Instead of putting together directives for you to follow thoughtlessly, we’ve created a step-by-step framework that will teach you how to think like a startup.

It all starts with a crash course in every spy’s top resume skill: manipulation, errr...we mean emotional intelligence.

the chapter-by-chapter breakdown of our ebook and notion templates

(We hate when instructional content is all theory, so we’ve paired each ebook chapter with a notion template you can use as a workbook. We’ve also gone ahead and translated all the startup jargon for you in the book—keep an eye out for the yellow sticky notes—you’re welcome.)

1. Problem statement: Everyone’s got problems. Which of yours is worth solving?

Learn how to inhabit the problem space (not the solution space), craft a detailed problem statement, and find “your people” with the problems. Keep in mind: this venture is something you’ll be spending many, many hours on, so make sure you’re considering your passions as well as what will make a successful business.

Here’s how you’ll get to your problem statement:

  • Brainstorm a list of problems and narrow it down with a full battalion of follow-up questions
  • Determine what’s most important to you in your work with some journaling. Tie your problems back to these core values
  • Figure out who’s on the same wavelength. Are they so in despair they’re willing to pay for help? You’ve got a business-worthy problem on your hands
find your problem statement
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion by Small Giants

2. develop your offer:
One that solves customer problems as well as it solves your own

So whatcha got? A solid problem. What you need is an equally solid and evidence-based business plan. Learn how to understand what customers want, how you can cater to them, and balance it against catering to your own needs. Apply that to creating your very own USP: a unique angle for getting people curious and then engaged.

Here’s how you’ll create a compelling offer:

  1. Re-evaluate your customer interviews using a jobs-to-be-done lens. What are your potential customers trying to accomplish? Why? How have they already tried to accomplish their goals
  2. Figure out what you want to spend your time doing and what you absolutely don’t
  3. Do an initial competitor analysis
  4. Identify what makes you you and how you can work that into your offer
create an irresistible offer
The Big Book of People Analytics: Diversity and Inclusion by Visier

3. pricing:
Charging a livable rate that your customers can live with

Learn how to set your freelance rates and keep business boundaries with as little ickiness as possible. See if you’ve got it right by going out there and trying to charge real people. You’ll get more details on various pricing models, lessons in charging enough, and how to handle research and testing.

Here’s how you’ll determine what you're worth and pinpoint real rates:

  1. Attach a monetary value to the results you're helping customers achieve
  2. Take a gander at what those competitors of yours get away with charging
  3. Compile the data and choose a comparable price you’re comfortable with
  4. Just like with your original problem statement, shop your prices around with prospects. You’ll end up with not only sales-tested prices, but also you first bonafide customers
charge what you're worth
The Big Book of People Analytics: Diversity and Inclusion by Visier

4. sales:
How to pitch, find prospects, and win over new customers

Time to find some customers. You need a logical approach for identifying, interacting with, and keeping track of all your prospects and customers. Prep for the people-heavy task ahead of you (being a salesperson) with proven techniques and killer advice distilled from pros.

Here’s how you’ll determine what you're worth and pinpoint real rates:

  1. Build out a sales pipeline from outreach to sales calls. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down into steps to guide you on your way
  2. Templates help you create your own 2-minute sales pitch. One for cold outreach and one to get people oriented during an actual sales calls
  3. Outline the rest of a script and a plan to nudge those conversations along through your sales process
  4. Keep it all organized with a master deals database
master the art of the sale
The Big Book of People Analytics: Diversity and Inclusion by Visier

5. growth hacking:
declassified notes from a professional growth hacker

Learn what growth hacking really means for your business in the words of a professional. Get the context you need to make it work for you. And the framework you need to start doing your own.

Here’s how you’ll name business objectives and drive customer acquisition:

  1. Collect information from successful (and unsuccessful) projects. Get a temperature check on how customers are liking your offer and how you can adjust to make it even better
  2. Determine your short-term business goals and what they’ll take to accomplish. Iron out a rough timeline, what factors will make it easier to achieve, and which might introduce some problems for you
  3. Find which popular growth hacks fit your immediate business objectives, run a quick time-bound experiment, and track results to get closer to the perfect strategies for you
hack your growth
The Essential Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by lever

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